Drum Map in Logic Pro X

Best viewed full screen in HD

1. New Project --> Open Software Instrument --> Drum Kit
2. Right click on drum track --> Create empty midi region
3. Double click on empty midi region if necessary to open the editor
4. Select Step Editor --> Lanes --> New Lane Set for GM Drums
5. Re-size as necessary and draw in drums as necessary

One of the features of Logic Pro X is 'Drummer'. As well as being able to edit the drummer track directly in the drummer editor, it's also possible to convert the track to midi and then edit it using the step editor as a drum map. Here's how it's done:

1. Open a drummer track
2. Right click on the track --> Convert to midi region
3. Open the step editor --> Lanes --> New Lane Set for GM Drums
4  Re-size the lanes as necessary and edit away!

By going to the library the drum kit can be changed or a drum machine can be chosen to play the map.

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