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If you need fast money, online loans instantly offer you the financing you need through the Internet without the need for paperwork or explanations. These loans offer the application through the Internet with immediate response to it and the possibility of obtaining the money in 10 minutes.

To apply for loans online instantly you will not need to meet requirements since they can be obtained without payroll and being on delinquent lists. You can get up to 5,000 USD in 10 minutes or up to 40,000 USD in 24 to 48 hours by filling out a simple online form.

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Apply for loans online instantly, immediate response

The financial institutions where you can request loans online instantly offer an online application form on their website that you will have to fill out to find out if they grant you the loan.

Instant online loans are applied for over the Internet using an application form and offer an immediate response. It is not necessary to carry out paperwork or give unnecessary explanations since the verification of the data is carried out online and you can do whatever you want with the borrowed money.

The application is very simple since you simply have to access the website of the no credit check loan online that best suits your needs and indicate the amount of money you need and the repayment period. Later you will need to indicate your personal, bank and labor data so that they can carry out an immediate study of the requested loan.

You will have an immediate response to the request you have sent, where they will indicate if the loan is pre-approved and the steps you have to follow to verify the data you have entered. The verification of the data is necessary so that they can verify that the data is true and it is usually carried out 100% online through tools such as Instantor, or by sending the documents that they request by means of email.

In the case of verifying the data by sending the documents via email, it is possible to send a scanned copy or a sharp photograph made with a digital camera or a mobile phone of the required document. so the verification of the data is also very quick and easy.

Once the data has been verified, they will give you a definitive answer to the immediate online loan requested. In the event that the loan has been approved, they will send the money instantly to your bank account, the most widely used method being bank transfer. In this way, you can get online loans instantly without paperwork or explanations in 10 minutes.

Please note that the loan is paid by bank transfer, so the money may not be available in your bank account until the next business day.

Bank transfers made between accounts of the same bank are usually immediate, so check the bank accounts available to each of the financial entities so that the loan is available in your account instantly.

Instant online loans without payroll and with Financial Credit Institutions

Instant online loans without payroll and with Financial Credit Institutions

Instant online loans have little to no application requirements and offer the ability to get money in situations where personal loans are not approved. Among the instant online loans, you can get are the following:

Payroll-free loans

Payroll loans offer the possibility of getting money without having a payroll or pension. They are intended to offer to finance people who have demonstrable periodic income, but who do not have a job with a payroll, are pensioners or have a benefit.

Some financial institutions that offer loans without payroll do not ask for any type of proof of income, but it is normal for them to ask for it so that they can see that you are going to be able to repay the borrowed money. This proof of income can be any document that proves that you have sufficient income to repay the loan, such as a bank statement.

Loans with Financial Credit Institutions

Loans with Financial Credit Institutions offer fast money to people who are in delinquent lists like Financial Credit Institutions or RAI. Financial institutions that accept delinquent clients usually accept them on the condition that the registered debt is not due to not having returned another previous loan or credit, and that the debt does not exceed a certain amount.

Immediate online loans are one of the few financial products that offer loans with Financial Credit Institutions and without payroll since the other option that people with debts registered in delinquent lists have is to apply for a loan with a guarantee or make a commitment.

Alternatives to instant online loans

Instant online loans offer urgent financing for what you want without paperwork or explanation. It is possible to get money instantly through other financial products that we will list below:

Credit cards

Credit cards can offer money instantly through the transfer of the credit they have to the associated bank account. This makes them another way to get an immediate loan, but in order for the operation to be carried out, the credit card has to support the operation.

Another problem when it comes to getting the money instantly through credit cards is that you have to have it at the time you need the loan, since your request requires several days because they usually send it by postal mail to the address.

Private loans

Loans between individuals are another alternative when it comes to applying for loans online instantly without paperwork, since they are requested through the Internet through platforms that link the borrower with the lender, without the need for intermediary banks. They usually offer money urgently, being normal to have it in 48 hours.

Vehicle pawns

Pawning a property that you have is another alternative to get money instantly since there are more and more companies that offer the possibility of pawning vehicles through the Internet in 24 hours by means of a simple request. They offer immediate responses and the possibility of continuing to use the vehicle through a rental agreement, making it an interesting method to get quick money.

Do not underestimate premium growth in supplementary health insurance – favorable credit comparison

In its latest issue of October 17, 2017, Stiftung Warentest raised its finger for the first time on supplementary care insurance. The consumer advocates aimed at the circle of people with lower incomes and therefore inevitably lower expected pension from.

Contribution increases inevitably

Contribution increases inevitably

As in all other areas of medical care, cost increases are also preprogrammed in nursing. For the insured in the statutory long-term care insurance, this inevitably means a drifting apart between the benefits of long-term care insurance on the one hand and its own expenses on the other.

In this case, private supplementary insurance providers are a little easier to adjust their premiums to compensate for the cost. For the insured, however, this means a steady increase in the premium.

Against this background, only those persons who are sure that they can pay a long-term increase should be able to rely on private long-term care insurance. There are only very few companies among the insurers who refrain from paying any further contributions when the care claim occurs. Another reason can be found in the number of nursing cases and the associated costs.

The current test

The current test

The consumer advocates examined 31 nursing care insurance and four nursing care rates. In the daily allowance insurance, the money is at leisure, with the care costs, the actual costs are paid up to the agreed amount. The calculation was based on a 55-year-old policyholder. The insurance conditions were tested in relation to the contribution. This was an average of 87 USD per month for the model calculation. Altogether cut 18 tariffs with “good”.

In principle, supplementary care insurance is almost a must. As “financial test” writes, in about 25 percent of nursing cases, the benefits from the statutory long-term care insurance were insufficient. Around 450,000 patients had to file a request for assistance with the social services.

Why the warning?

Why the warning?

A long-term care insurance only provides a benefit if a degree of care is also determined. If the income as a working person is sufficient to pay the premium, it can be scarce with the beginning of the pension, with meanwhile increased contributions. A termination of the contract, however, means the total loss of funds paid up to then. A refund is not provided in any case. Subsidy exemptions are only possible under certain conditions, such as unemployment or a longer stay abroad.

Before concluding a supplementary long-term care insurance, therefore, the exact consideration is whether a continuation will be possible even with increasing contribution and pension.

Need clearly given on the other hand

Need clearly given on the other hand

Not only the number of those who need public assistance in case of need, but also the state subsidies, shows that the statutory long-term care insurance is not sufficient. The state-sponsored long-term care insurance,however, in the price-performance ratio as too expensive. Even if the legislator grants a monthly subsidy of five USD under certain conditions of the tariffs.

The reason behind the premium calculation by insurers is also the fact that there is a presumption that poor health risks are included in the insured persons’ stock.

How difficult the topic is on the other hand, shows the lack of recommendation of consumer advocates. The tip for those affected to lower incomes, to provide for other care, falls a bit thin, a concrete action recommendation would have been desirable. An old people’s flat share, the care-appropriate conversion of the own flat or the care by relatives, as stated, solves the cost problem only rudimentary.

Credit: the first steps you must follow to request it

The beginnings are not usually easy, and without talking about starting the year in full January costs much less. The expenses of a Christmas holiday almost forgotten continue to weigh like a slab in the budget of many families and there are cases in which these financial disruptions are extended more months than necessary. That is why many Spaniards go to personal loans to face unexpected expenses. If you are one of those people who want to ask for a loan in 2018 and have not done so, it is never convenient for you to continue reading to know what are the first steps you should follow. You will also check that CurrencyGo Lenders is the easiest option if you want to have the money quickly and without complicated procedures.


What to look for when requesting a loan in 2018

What requirements do they ask for?

credit loans

There are banks that, to grant you a loan, require you, for example, to have the payroll domiciled with them and a clean credit history, that is, not to be on the Asnef list. In CurrencyGo Lenders you are only asked to own a phone number, an email address and be the owner of an operational online bank account. In addition, being included in Asnef will not close the doors to you to get the money since, although it is taken into account, other complementary factors are studied.


Do you have to hire other financial products?

Similarly, there are financial entities that can force you, for example, to take out insurance with them to give you a green light on the loan. In CurrencyGo Lenders you will not have to pay any linked products.


What procedures do you have to follow?

credit loans

Although requesting a loan in 2018 should be very simple thanks to technology, there are still financial entities that can make you go to sign at one of their branches and that will take their time to study your financial history. The system used by CurrencyGo Lenders allows you to quickly manage the request that you can send online from the comfort of your home.


Do you have to pay commissions?

The study done by the banks of your financial situation usually involves a commission that you will have to pay, just as you may have to face another, called opening, when it is granted.


When can you dispose of your money?

money loans

The procedures in the banks usually delay the moment in which you finally have your money. That is why if you have urgency to have cash you can use CurrencyGo Lenders that in a few minutes after approving your request sends the amount borrowed to your account.


What is the monthly fee?

Before signing a loan in 2018 it is convenient for you to make the accounts and see if you will be able to face what you have to pay each month to return it. Find a product that suits your financial circumstances so as not to take a dislike. CurrencyGo Lenders allows you to return it between 6 and 36 months depending on the amount requested and the monthly payments. In addition, if you want to finish paying it before you can do it without additional cost.

You see that requesting a loan in 2018 is easy thanks to technology and if you request it in CurrencyGo Lenders it will only take a few minutes.

Refinancing Personal Payday Loans – Advantages

There is talk of refinancing a personal payday loan to understand the procedure by which you apply for a loan with the sole aim of extinguishing a series of other personal payday loans that have been started in the past and that now could weigh too much on your monthly budget.

What is loan refinancing and what are its advantages?

What is loan refinancing and what are its advantages?

The refinancing procedure, also known as debt consolidation, gives the advantage of being able to pay less money every month than the sum of the installments that were previously paid.

You can, therefore, take advantage of a lower monthly cost to be incurred for the installments of the loan, with a certain benefit for your budget that can be used in other ways.

How to apply for ongoing loan refinancing

How to apply for ongoing loan refinancing

Loan refinancing, or debt consolidation, can be requested directly from a finance company or bank, specifying that the target for which the sum of money is being borrowed is to pay off previous loans.

Depending on the financial company where you ask for this sum of money, the repayment of the other loans can be made by the finance company or it will have to be done directly by you.

In the first case, it is the financial company that will take care of getting in touch with your “old” financial company, agreeing on how to pay off the debt. In the second case, you will be credited with the amount you requested on the current account and you will have to pay off your previous debts. Of the two solutions, for obvious reasons of practicality, the first is undoubtedly the most practiced ever.

Features and benefits of debt refinancing

Since the duration of the new loan will be longer than that of the loans previously taken out. Consequently, at the end of the repayment of the new loan, the total cost that you will have paid for the interest will undoubtedly be higher than what you would have incurred if you had continued with the old loans, but you must consider the advantage of being able to pay a lower monthly installment.

Who is it granted to?


As with any type of loan, the bank carefully weighs the risks and benefits of granting a new loan. Specifically, the creditworthiness of the applicant and his level of income are assessed.

In the first case, the lender goes to the risk centers to find reports as bad payers that may concern the applicant and we can certainly say that not having had debt problems in the past helps considerably.

In the second case, however, each bank applies its own rules, but in general, we can say that the lower the ratio between the monthly installment and the applicant’s monthly income, the more likely there are to be granted the loan.

To give an example, other things being equal, the bank will more easily grant a loan to those who have a monthly income of 2,000 dollars and will have to repay 200 a month (the amount of the installment is 10% of the salary), than to those who have a monthly income of 600 dollars and will have to pay 200 a month (the installment amount, in this case, is 33% of the salary).

Save money on your loan with simple changes

Fairpulse loan solutions increased daily simple interest, which means interest builds from the day of your last payment to the day of your next payment (read our article on how daily simple interest works).

With daily simple interest loans, it’s a good idea to make payments as frequently as possible. By increasing your payment frequency, and following the other payment tips below, you’ll cut down on the time it takes you to pay back your loan and reduce interest charges on your account.


Here are four tips to help you save money and pay back your loan faster.

1. Make bi-weekly payments

money loans

It may not seem like much initially but there’s a big difference between bi-weekly and semi-monthly payments. Bi-weekly payments are made every other week (26 payments a year), whereas semi-monthly payments are made twice a month (24 payments a year). By making 26 payments rather than 24, you can reduce interest fees and pay your loan back faster.

For example, if you borrow $ 10,000 with a 48-month loan term at 34.99% and make bi-weekly payments, you’ll save $ 1,598.23 in interest and reduce your loan term for seven months. However, if you make semi-monthly payments you’ll only save $ 132.58 in interest and reduce your loan term for one month.

Any amount you make over the minimum payment goes directly toward your principal balance. “


2. Round up your payments

money loan

Instead of making the minimum payment each time, round your payment up to the nearest $ 10 (or whatever amount you can fit in your budget). Any amount you make over the minimum payment goes directly toward your principal balance, which will help repay your loan faster. The quicker you pay your loan off, the less interest you’ll pay in the long term.


3. Avoid missed payments

When you have a loan that accrues daily simple interest, missing or delaying your payments can make it difficult to get back on track. Unpaid interest adds up between payments and if you’re not paying down your loan, the balance of your loan won’t decrease and your interest charges will be higher. If you think you may miss a payment, contact your Lending Specialist as soon as possible (read our article on what to do if you miss your payment).


4. Sign up for online account management

online loan

Sign up for online account management for every loan you have with Fairpulse. Online account management allows you to view your balance, edit account details, make payments or schedule payments in advance and set up payment alerts to keep organized. There are no payment delays and your information is kept secure. Read our FAQs about online account management to learn more about how it works.

By following the tips above and making changes to your loan payments, you can save money on interest and cut down the time you take to pay off your loan. Contact your Lending Specialist for personalized advice on how you can save money and pay back your loan faster.

This article is for informational purposes only. For personalized financial advice, you should contact a qualified financial advisor.

Compare interest rates – Important before you take out a loan

Lowering interest rates is the easiest way to bring down your total loan costs and thus get more money over each month. Banks and lenders set the interest rate individually for each loan application. Therefore, in order to get the cheapest loan, it is wise to do what you can to be extra attractive in the eyes of the banks.

7 tips to get really popular with the banks

7 tips to get really popular with the banks

The banks set the interest rate individually for each loan application. To get the cheapest private loan, the bank must be confident that you will be able to pay both interest and amortization on time. Below is a checklist of what the banks are looking for:

1. Pay your invoices on time

If you have payment remarks, it is usually seen as something very negative. You also save money on avoiding unnecessary reminder fees. If you find it difficult to keep track of due dates and OCR numbers, it is both easy and smart to pay as many invoices as possible via direct debit. If any month should be financially scarce, call the person who issued the invoice and explain your situation. In many cases, it is often possible to divide the invoice into partial payments.

2. Terminate credits you do not use

If you have a credit card that you do not use, it affects your ability to get a loan with a really low interest rate. Therefore, cut cards you know with you that you will not use and will never use.

3. A clear plan for your repayments

The bank likes when you are in control of finances and when you have a clear plan to become debt free in the long run. When you repay regularly, the total loan amount is reduced, which leads to lower interest rates and lower costs. When you have the opportunity, it is smart to pay off some extra on your existing loans. The lender’s risk decreases as the customer’s loan-to-value ratio is lowered. It gives you a better opportunity to negotiate for the cheapest loan.

4. Have a co-borrower

Maybe you have a partner or family member with a good credit rating? When you are two people, the risk is significantly reduced for the bank. If the bank considers you to be a risk-averse customer, you will receive a lower interest rate.

5. Collect your loans

If you have many small loans and credits, you pay unnecessarily much money each month in interest and hidden costs such as newspaper fees. And because you get less money over, you also have less opportunity to pay interest and amortization for your new loan, which the banks obviously do not like. Therefore, one of the best ways to save money is to put together all the small loans and credits – it only takes a few days and costs you nothing. Apply directly in the form on our website!

6. Make as few credit reports as possible

Every time you apply for a loan, the bank or lender will take credit information on you. Credit information is stored for 12 months at UC. Having done a few credit reports does not affect the banks, but if you have done many then it is something negative in the eyes of the banks. If you compare the banks’ interest rates with Astro Finance, only one credit report is taken!

7 Avoid expensive trips and holidays

Today it is very common to borrow money for a trip. From an economics perspective, however, it is not so wise. On the one hand it is often expensive to travel, but also having to pay extra in the form of interest makes it all a less good idea. You could get more value for money by taking a cheap caravan loan. The value of the caravan consists after the purchase, and that a whole that several summers can be spent in the same caravan – fun and economical!

8. Use Astro Finance to compare banks’ loan terms and interest rates

With Astro Finance you can easily and easily compare interest rate offers at 30 different banks and lenders. It only takes one credit report and is completely free of charge. This way you maximize your chances of getting the cheapest possible private loan!

Compare interest rates with Astro Finance

Compare interest rates with Astro Finance

All banks specialize in different types of customers. It is therefore not possible to say in advance which bank will give you the lowest interest rate. Thus, it is important to compare different loan offers to find which bank suits you best!

If you as a private individual go to several different banks to compare the terms, they each take credit information on you. This affects your credit rating and can impair your ability to get a really low interest rate. If you choose to compare with Astro Finance, only one credit report is made. The service is completely free of charge and you do not commit to anything when you make a comparison. Instead, Astro Finance gets paid directly by the bank or lender when we help them get a new satisfied customer.

 How do you get a low-income mortgage loan?


Many people cannot afford buying a house or flat for cash, which is why they decide to take out a mortgage. The problem, however, is that too low income may prevent you from obtaining this method of financing. Mortgage installments are usually quite high after all, so the bank may consider that with low incomes their timely repayment may not be possible. So how do you get a low-income mortgage?

Improve your credit standing

Improve your credit standing

Low incomes may prove to be much less problematic and significant if we are able to demonstrate to the bank that despite them we are a credible and reliable customer.

To this end, we must increase our credit standing. How do you get a low-income mortgage by raising your credit rating? There are several ways to do this.

Build a positive credit history

Credit history is an important part of creditworthiness, and often it is not paid much attention. In many cases, young people who do not have much experience with banking products decide on mortgage loans. This means that their credit history is either very short or completely empty. Therefore, it is worth starting work on building a positive credit history as soon as possible, because it is not something that can be done quickly.

The easiest and safest way is to build a positive credit history by taking short and cheap loans or buying items (such as electronics) for so-called “0% installments”. It is crucial to pay these liabilities back on time. After some time, thanks to such activities, our credit history will be full of positive entries, and we will appear to the bank as a diligent and trustworthy customer.

However, if we cannot afford regular repayment of even such small debts, it is better not to go in this direction. Collecting an unnecessarily negative credit history will only further reduce your chances of getting your dream loan.

Reduce your commitments

It is known that reducing the amount of your liabilities is not so simple. Contrary to appearances, it can be carried out even with a very tight budget.

First of all, it is worth closing any unused or rarely used credit cards and revolving loans. Even if we don’t use them, they still have a negative impact on our credit standing.

Debt consolidation can be the second step, thus combining several different liabilities into one. Although it extends the loan repayment period, at the same time increasing its cost, but at the same time the monthly installment decreases, and this is mainly important for the bank. A lower installment means less burden on our monthly budget, and therefore more space for a new loan installment.

Additionally secure the loan

Additionally secure the loan

The mortgage is, as the name implies, secured by a mortgage. This alone often gives you the opportunity to receive it even with low income. However, it may happen that, despite everything, the mortgage itself is too weak a security for the bank. How to get a mortgage at low income? By reducing the risk of lending to a person on low incomes, they additionally secure it. The most popular credit collateral methods include:

  • guarantee
  • purchase of credit insurance.

Surety means that an additional person joins the loan and undertakes to pay it back if the borrower cannot do it on time. The guarantor does not have to be a co-owner of the property for the purchase or construction of which the loan was taken.

Becoming a guarantor is a very big responsibility and may have unpleasant consequences, but on the other hand, it significantly increases the chances of the bank’s approval of your loan application. Therefore, this role is usually played by relatives (family members, friends), although formally nothing prevents a guarantor from becoming a completely stranger to the borrower. It is only important that it has sufficient creditworthiness.

The purchase of credit insurance is mandatory if we are not able to accumulate 20% of the own contribution to the mortgage. In this case, we can take a loan with only 10% of the own contribution, provided that you purchase insurance. However, even if we don’t have to do it, it can sometimes be profitable. Some banks, in return for purchasing optional loan insurance, lower their margin or commission and look at lower creditworthiness more favorably.

It’s good to know how to get a low-income mortgage. Contrary to appearances, this is not impossible at all